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va-pa-suppliesThe Virginia Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War Commission (James I. Robertson Jr. Civil War Sesquicentennial Legacy Collection) spent several years going to counties across Virginia asking residents to look in their attics and forgotten chests to see if they had photos, documents, letters, journals, etc related to the American Civil War. Those traveling the state brought scanners so those items located by citizens could be scanned and preserved. Over 33,000 such items were located and scanned with the originals still held by the families.

Even better, not just Virginia Civil War materials, but others from states outside of Virginia submitted their Civil War scanned items for the massive collection. So a wide variety of materials, documents, photos, letters, etc is now available.  va-ohio-ribbon

On the Virginia Memories online site, these scanned items can be searched. There is a search box or just look over the entire collection. Click on an item of interest and details appear relating to the item. It uses icons to state the format of each item; PDF, JPEG image, plus how to save it to your computer or email the image.  va-almon-beneway

Photos: US Army – 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment, Supply List of March 1864; 12th Ohio Cavalry Regiment reunion ribbon and button, October 2, 1914; and Almon Beneway photograph, ca. 1861-1865 of Indianapolis, Indiana, in his uniform and with his drum set.

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