Civil War Records--Images from Tennessee

For those researchers who can not travel to Tennessee to do family history on any ancestors from that state, there is now online a wonderful collection of Civil War artifacts gathered from most of the state’s counties by the Tennessee State Library and Archives. You will view first a map with all the counties outlined. Some 34 counties are complete with digital images of documents, records and photos gathered from those particular counties. The other counties are marked as to be visited by the Library Archive’s team soon.

The collection is made up not only artifacts held in county museums, but by individual families also. Countless Civil War era manuscripts, artifacts and photographs which had not been viewed outside of family members have now been preserved by being professionally scanned, labeled and archived with the state of Tennessee. With the placement online, anyone – anywhere can view this items.

Select a county. For Blount County in Eastern Tennessee there are 75 images to view. They range from Civil War letters, pension records, photos, Confederate equipment and currency. A reminder, it would not be just Confederate items, but also Union units’ insignia equipment. Tennessee also have numerous Union Army Regiments made up of Tennessee soldiers. There will be photos and other records from those who served in the Union Army but whose family later moved to Tennessee. The letters home from POWs are most fascinating.

Click on a thumbnail which does have a brief description to enlarge the image. Scroll down to read more of a description. There is a plus / minus button to enlarge for even more details available. You can download images / document images also. Each page displays about 50 thumbnails. With each county there is also a search box to help narrow the selection. However, it might be best to view all the selections in a county. Do any of the surrounding counties, you never know what might be forthcoming.

Photo: Sgt. Milton L. Chilcutt of Co. I, 4th Regiment, Tenn. Cavalry Volunteers for the Union Army. A hand-colored photo.

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