Clixta App Lets You Upload, Store, and Share Photos

Clixtra App Lets You Upload Store and Share Photos  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comThere are a variety of apps to choose from that enable you to post your family photos online. Ultimately, you have to pick the one that is best for your needs. Clixta is a family photo sharing app that is working with Copyright Hub.

Clixta is a photo sharing network that is completely focused on the past. It provides a simple and fun way to share your old photos and to save them for future generations to enjoy. You can download the Clixta app for free. It is available via the App Store and Google Play.

Clixta was formed by Dean Newsome and Shaun Cutler. The two describe themselves as “middle-aged dads rather than typical entrepreneurs”. At the time, Shaun Cutler was in the process of digitizing old family photos. He realized that there was no place to share them on a large scale. This inspired them to create Clixta.

The Clixta app is being offered for free (initially). The creators of Clixta are working with Copyright Hub to make sure that each photo uploaded to Clixta has its own, unique, digital identifier.

Copyright Hub aims to make copyright licensing easier. They are a UK based website that want to increase the relevance of copyright to everyone who creates and everyone who makes use of content. They want people to find, with a single click or query, where they can get permission to us an item of content in the ways that they want.

You can upload your photos to Clixta either by scanning them or by taking a photo of the photograph with your smartphone. Users have the ability to choose whether to share their photos publicly or to limit the sharing to only specific groups.

It is hoped that people will choose to share at least some of their photos publicly. The makers of Clixta hope that it will one day be used to by historians and educational institutions. Right now, there is a Clixta user that is using the app to document change in the history of Northumberland National Park. Other people could use Clixta to make a record of the changes happening on the main street of their town.

Like many other photo sharing apps, Clixta is best when you can share it with friends. One way to find friends is to open the app and search for your friends who might already be using it. Another way is to email your friend a photo – via the Clixta app – and ask them to join.

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