Closing the 2010s Decade

As family historians, we love to document and find all types of interesting ancestors and their accomplishments from decades ago. Yet, with the close of the 2010s decades, this is the perfect time to reflect and document the achievements, celebrations, tragedies, etc., you and your relatives faced over the last ten years.

Even if you won’t have all family members gather together for the end of 2019, you can get the ball rolling. Start a list of events involving one or several family members over the last decade. Send that list onto (via email, or regular mail) to relatives and have them add to it or make suggestions of corrections.

It doesn’t have to be lengthy; the people involved, the approximate date, basically what happened and any results. It can be an eye-opener of what has been achieved over those ten years and a great permanent record for future generations. You are creating an actual record of those ‘milestone events’ – good and bad.

Also take time to gather photos from this decade and scan, identify, and share them. Documenting those photos will be very important years later.

Here are a few examples of my own achievements over the last ten years:

Placed third in the nation in April 2010 for an outstanding genealogical magazine article.

Joined in 2014 the Martin County Genealogical Society and produced several programs for them.

Served as an officer on the Board of Directors for Stuart Heritage Museum since April 2010.

Researched and wrote the pamphlets for the historic Museum’s Home and Building Tours in 2011-2015.

Worked in 2013-2014 with Stuart Main Street on the creation of the Sailfish Historical Markers and with the city officials. In 2019 with Rick Miller (video production), did the narration for a video about the five Sailfish Historic Markers.

In 2015 with the television production team for the American Heroes Channel provided the historical information and then filmed narration for the making of an episode about the local notorious Ashley Gang, titled ‘American Lawmen’.

Created numerous video and powerpoint presentations and talks over the decade to share with the community on different historical events and people of Martin County.

Joined in 2018 the local DAR Chapter – Halpatiokee chapter and worked on numerous projects related to historic preservation. Co-wrote the 70th anniversary booklet on Halpatiokee’s history.

For Arcadia Publishing, a book written titled ‘Stuart’ was published in September 2016 containing over 200 vintage photos and information about Stuart acquired and researched from descendants of pioneers.

Photos: Book published in 2016 “Stuart”.

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