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Pomona, California is one of the cities in Los Angeles County in California, located in the Pomona Valley. It is just 30 miles east of the city of Los Angeles. In the last census in 2010 there were about 149,000 residents. It has been an incorporated city since January 1888.

The Pomona Public Library has put together a vast collection of databases with photos, postcards, and made them available online to view. If you had any relatives living from the late 1890s to 1980 in the region near Los Angeles, you will want to look over what is covered in these collections.

For example, the Pomona High School Yearbooks Collection covers the years 1901 to 1979. You can search the yearbooks by words or names. The City Directory collection consists of nineteen volumes published between 1896 and 1948, also search-able. The Pomona Images Collection contains nearly 1,000 photos taken between 1880 and the present.

The Pomona home collection has photos of past and present private residences. There is a collection of portraits covering 1880s to 1950s which is great to view. You never know if a relative or two might show up. The Frasher Foto Postcard Collection provides 7,500 images of Pomona and other locations, including Big Bear, Death Valley, Los Angeles, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Yosemite. Landmarks and public art of Pomona are also showcased. Another collection is of digital copies of unique books that relate to Pomona’s history.

Since the Pomona area was known for its citrus production, there is a collection of citrus labels.

Click the title links in the upper left to access the databases. Place a key word or name. Click the thumbnail images to search or browse the volumes. The thumbnail does become larger to view and has any available details of the image including names and dates. You can print a copy or do a screen digital print.

Thousands of homes, locations, people, schools and directories for this region to explore.

Photos: Pomona High School – class of 1909 with names; Gertrude Johnson McGowan about 1900; and The Hamilton School classroom with all the students’ names labeled-1915

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