Comical Family History Sayings

sayings-lifeEvery hobby or occupation has its funny and humorous sayings — genealogy (family history) is no exception.

Here is a sampling and see how many describe you and your family research to a ‘T‘.

Genealogy is all about ‘chasing your tale.’

If your family members won’t talk about a particular relative (a black sheep) that means it is really interesting!

One can be addicted to Genealogy.

Each family member has a whole library of memories — get it recorded before it is too late.

If at first you are not successful in your family search … search again. That is why we call it re-search. sayings-tree

You know you’re a genealogist if your email contact list contains more distant cousins than immediate family.

It just might be that your ancestor’s maiden name will be recorded on the one record page that is missing.

Genealogy isn’t just a pastime; it’s a passion!

A good genealogist is a time unraveler.

You might be classified ‘ancestrally challenged’.

Family history is all about learning the truth in those family stories.

You are really into family history research when all you need is a scanner and archival storage containers.


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