Complete Questionnaire for a Genealogy Interview

Have you ever wondered if you have found the answers to every aspect of an ancestor’s life or even for sure the life story of a living relative? Did you forget anything? Well in this PDF form (family-history-questionnaire) is a questionnaire (you can download it and print it) that will cover just about every aspect of an individual and or family’s life story. Not only to help you see what items you do and don’t have but most important to use with living relatives to gather family information. 

The categories alone are varied. Some examples include: family home, individuals’ occupations, their childhood experiences including schooling, family holidays, pets, transportation (car, horse, trolly car, bike), illnesses, hobbies, spouse, wedding, anniversary, sports, recreation, games, etc. The list goes on, these are just the categories with very detailed questions with each to answer.  

True, you won’t have all answers, but it is a start as a check to see what else can be added. For example, maybe it never occurred to you to find out if there was a fireplace in the family home. You may not find the answer, but then it may have never occurred to you to check.

Keep the PDF file (family-history-questionnaire ) and a print copy. Have one on each living relative, especially those from different family branches.  

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