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With the 150th anniversary of the United States Civil War, researchers may have uncovered some names of ancestors who fought in the war. Even within families sides were taken, some members joining the Union side and others the Confederacy.

It can be difficult locating information about Confederate soldiers. The free FamilySearch database, done by the Church of the Latter-Day Saints in Utah, does have online a good database of such records for the officers who served for the Confederacy. Some of the information available may include of the soldier or sailor, the name of their company, the dates they were in the military service, their rank and any information if the person was killed in action. Some cards also provide information on major injuries, such as a the lost of a limb. Others had information on what that person did after the war. It is an index card with basic information for the years 1861-1865.

It is done by surnames, grouped together. Locate the name closest to the group spelling. For example the group: ‘Ken to Kys’ covers some 3,362 cards of names and information. Some of those cards are the back of the index card, which might not have information on it, yet some do contain additional information. Look over all of a similar surname, there can be brothers, uncles or father listed also. Each handwritten card is very large and easy to read. When there is a variation in a name that is written at the bottom. The controls on the right side allow you to enlarge, rotate, save the record or print it. Use the advance arrows at the top to go to each card.

Kenan, Daniel
You can use the general search for FamilySearch, but listings for all their records will appear, not just for for officers of the Confederacy. The number of records total 207,550. Just reading through some of these cards is a real step back in history on a very personal level.

Photo: Index card of Daniel L. Kenan, a Colonel in the FL 6th Infantry.

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