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Confederate Veteran March 1896Confederate Veteran Magazine was published monthly between 1893 and 1932; nearly 40 years of articles. It was geared to those who fought with the Confederate (Rebel) Army of the southern states during the American Civil War; offering information and stories they could relate to from their war experience. Groups such as United Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Sons of Confederate Veterans and Confederate Southern Memorial Association were all supporters of this magazine published in Nashville, Tennessee.

If you had a Confederate ancestor, whether they survived the war or not, this would be an excellent resource to review. Volumes of these magazines are now in digital form and available through the Duke University website. You can select a year’s issues (each monthly issue follows in order) and then several different formats for viewing and reading the magazine will be available. It can be read as full text, in PDF format, on a Kindle reader or online. Click on the left side for your choice.

Besides the countless articles and stories there are many illustrations and photos in each magazine. The titles of some of the articles include: “Responsible for the Death of Prisoners”; “Samuel Davis – A True Confederate Soldier” (which includes many family photos); and “Camp Lee Soldier Home”. Included were some very interesting letters written by Confederate veterans published in the magazine. All the different regiments are covered over the years, details of those in each company and the battles they were engaged in and causalities suffered.

On each viewed single page or a double page, you can do a search for a surname or battle or company (box in the upper right corner). It will only search a page in full view, not all the pages of a magazine, so it could take awhile to locate an ancestor. However, any search names placed, it will highlight that name on the page. You can select to view a thumbnail of all the pages and do a search, but these are much harder to view. If you do see one highlighted on the thumbnail view, you can click on it to enlarge the image.

Overall, just fascinating to step back in time to read articles and see photos of things important to the Confederate veterans. Also great resource to learn some of the historical information from the Confederate point of view.

Photo: March 1896 front cover issue of ‘Confederate Veteran’ Magazine.

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