Connecticut in Pictures and Stories

This state might be small in land size and population, but Connecticut has been at the heart of most of America’s history through its diverse people. A free online collection titled ‘Connecticut History Online’ provides a digital of the land, its resources, its events and people. If you ever had any ancestors from Connecticut for the last 200 years this site needs to be explored.

There is a wide variety of things to view, including maps, photographs, manuscripts, as well as a large collection of oral histories, which cover the social, business and civic life of its people. The site provides a search box where you could place a surname, a town’s name, an event (such as the Civil War), a business or a time period.  Follow below the search box and there is a listing of the sub-categories.

Besides the various maps, the documents include letters, diaries, company records, pamphlets and official records. There are also newspapers and magazines from Connecticut. The oral histories and even some radio broadcasts are listed with sound recordings. The sub-category of photographs along with postcards will be of special interest to anyone who had ancestors from Connecticut.

The postcard section has 429 postcard images dating back to 1900. The photographs, some 14,445 images have some dating back to the 1860s, including individual portraits. When a search is done using a surname, those portraits identified would appear.  Several of the photos are of family homes all across Connecticut. Click on any of the images to broaden them.  Any added information about the photograph, map, document or postcard is then provided below the enlarged image.

This digital collection of some 15,000 images can provide some first-hand information of the hometowns, the businesses or life a Connecticut relative may have experienced.

The photo above from the 1880s is of the Atlantic Hotel, a large 5-story brick hotel in the heart of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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