Cost of Goods and Services Years Ago

Many decades between 1860s and early 1990s but even more so is the price for items your ancestors had to pay for things they needed.

Here are a few examples of price differences, even figuring in inflation.

At the dry cleaners in the 1930s, to have a coat and pair of slacks cleaned and 2 pockets repaired cost $1.00 in Florida. Today that dry cleaning would cost about $45 or higher in most locations.

In 1861 to outfit a state courtroom with nine chairs, upholstery, carpets, shades and curtains in New Orleans cost $996. Today it would be hard to get one upholstered chair for $1,000.

In a resort in a wilderness area in the 1920s for 8 days, including all meals and rental of horses for riding cost $44.

Grocery stores such as in Michigan in 1927 had very low prices. Meat was 42 cents, lard was 20 cents, vanilla was 20 cents, and baking soda was 10 cents for a total of 92 cents. To get that equal amount of items would be about $14.00.

The Colorado state title fee for an automobile in 1931 was $1.00. Car title today, and it varies with states, could be from $3 to $100.

Home insurance in Ohio in 1968 which covered fire, home damage, wind and riots cost $16.61 for a year. Today home insurance again varies between states and value of the house but figure several thousands of dollars a year.

In 1930 a ticket to a hometown live musical show cost about 50 cents. Today it would range between $65 to $100.00.

To get hometown newspapers in Florida in the 1930s delivered to your home cost $7.50 a year. Today it is $100 to $200 a year.

A baby delivered and a week’s stay in a hospital in 1949 in Florida for the baby and mother cost $91.70 total. In 2020 the cost can range from $10,000 to $30,000 depending on if any special care is needed by the mother or infant and that is only staying a couple of days in the hospital.

Photos: 1930s dry cleaner; 1920s resort wilderness; 1920s a grocery store; 1930s a theater; and 1940s hospital room.

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