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irelandcountiesmap Nothing can tell you more about a hometown, a region, its people or an event than the local newspapers. There is a great online site with a large collection of transcribed news articles from County Cork (located in the southeast corner) in Ireland. Not every year, or month is done but overall a nice variety of articles.

The earliest is dated 1756 and covers the only January 1, 1756 and one article from the Corke Journal. It is about Garret Aghern, where he lives, along with all the fruits, nuts and trees he grows. Imagine that is one of your ancestors, how much you have just learned about his life from this one article – amazing!

For the year 1799 there are articles for the months of March, September and December. For a article, dated March 4th, you can learn about Patrick McNamara, his occupation, where he lived, and that he just so happen to borrow a certain horse and never returned it. You even learn the horse belonged to John Bowen of Glenville.

There are nine different newspapers over the years from 1756 to 1934 that are represented in this collection. Just click on a year and see which months, make a selection and see what articles have been transcribed. You might want to use their search to narrow down where and when to look. At this search box place a keyword, surname or location and see where you might an article. For the surname ‘Aghern’ there were five items located.

However, this section is just County Cork. Go to the Ireland Old News and here is the same idea for many other counties in Ireland. Again not all are done and they are limited in which issues are transcribed, but well worth the time to look these over.

Photo: Map of the counties of Ireland.

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