Cranberry Glass

This popular colored glass has been around for centuries, actually going back to the 1600s. This color for glass was discovered by someone mixing a gold coin into molten glass and it produced a cranberry color. It reached great popularity in the 1860s (the time frame of the American Civil War) and continued into the late 1800s.

This cranberry glass was produced into wine glasses, pitchers, candy dishes, bowls, decanter, finger bowls, and vases, all giving homes a great color. Glassmakers created different shades varying from pink to burgundy by using different amounts of gold chloride. It is made by dissolving gold in a solution of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid (aqua regia).

The cranberry glass is still made into items for the home but the most valuable ones are from the 1800s. Less expensive pieces today use copper instead of gold.

Check if there are some pieces with your relatives.

Photo: Cranberry glass dish with button pattern to the side of the frilled bowl sitting on a clear stem foot.

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