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Create your own family websiteA new year and now half-way through the second month of this year, so how about trying something really different?  If you do not have your own family Internet site created by you already, begin your own family web site this month.

The California based company called Weebly has made it so simple for anyone to design, set up and get their own web site online. They walk you though the simple steps, all you do is supply the information or photos. Plus it doesn’t have to be on just your family or ancestors, it can be any subject.

In fact, it is best to start simple and basic if it is your first web site.  Don’t try to fill the pages with everything you know.  If you are creating one on your family lineage, do just one branch. Once you feel comfortable and pleased with the first web site, additional can be created on additional branches. As with any web site, include contact information; such as a special email address just for any inquiries that come about due to the web site.

That is the whole key to creating a family web site, it provides exposure of what information you know, are willing to share or might be seeking.  There could be some ancestral photos that you can not identify. If you have a family surname you think might belong to such a photo, posting the photo and that surname could provide an answer exactly who that person is.

The best part is this web creating and hosting the site is professional looking and FREE.  With the simple methods to construct a web site, no special technical skills are necessary. You will not need to download any special software. Also no outside banners advertising other products are placed on your site; just what information, data, photos, etc. you want will appear. A free domain address for the site is easily created which allows anyone to find your site. There are straightforward tutorials to take though the basic steps to the final completion of the web site.

Not just text and photos can be placed on the site, but also any videos, charts, maps, graphs or audio files to enhance the web site.  To make the site fun, special effects can be applied to an image and transition effects between photos.  Just about anything you can imagine can be accomplished on this easy web creator.

So even if you have not located all the family data you wanted to, it is still the right time to craft such a web site and hopefully reap some rewards with new contacts and other family members.

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Deloris 19/02/12

Great News. Many suggestions and ideas of how to start on the site
alice 19/02/12

i want to create family tree
Vic Pagulayan Macaraniag 19/02/12

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