Create Your Own Newspaper Story

In doing your family history research and then writing it up and sharing with family, it can be a fun activity to use some of the available Internet programs that allow you to be a bit creativity. Online by is a program to create your newspaper headline and article. It can be of any time period, any event or any group of ancestors. This program can actually help you be silly and funny with some of the family legends and tall tales.

The site is simple to use. It gives you an example of what you will eventually be producing. It is not a full, multiple page newspaper, rather a newspaper banner, a date, the article’s headline and then the article itself. All of it is your own creation.

Put in your own words a newspaper name, be creativity here, but do keep it short, it doesn’t show long newspaper titles. Put in a date and really go crazy with the article’s title. Note the example offered: ‘Martians Invade Earth !’ Next start your story with a great opening line – catch the reader’s attention. Add as much as you want, keeping in mid it is a newspaper article, not a book. The click on the ‘generate!’ button.

Once you generated a newspaper clipping, you can see it produced in digital form. If there are any changes necessary, you can do that also. Once you have the final copy you want, it can be transformed into an usable jpeg format. It is an image, now click the download image button to create you own image of your created clipping to your computer. It will be saved as ‘newspaper’ in your download file.

With the created clipping image, it can be attached to emails, family newsletters, web sites, family blog, printed on card stock or photo paper. Size-wise it is just under 300 pixels which will work for any of the above listed ideas. However, if you know how to use a photo software program you can enlarge it or add some color.

So play around with it, even if you don’t add to anything to your genealogy, you can still have some fun with it. It can a neat method to make family announcements. Let some of the younger family members play with it and see what they come up with.

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