Creative Ways to Display Your Ancestors

Doing the research to gather information on one’s ancestors can be difficult and does take time. However, when you are ready to display some of your findings, you can become very creative.

Of course always have the tree on paper in its basic outline form. Having it on a software program for genealogy with you computers is also a great idea.

You will want to display this great family tree and the best way is go BIG. If there is a wall, even a portion of a wall in the house that ‘needs’ something, this could be the answer. Using a template of a basic tree with its many branches could be painted onto that blank wall (there are several to select from in hobby stores and the Internet). Then use stenciling to make green leaves. Use letter stenciling to paint on each direct ancestor’s name. Start with yourself or combine you and your spouse at the bottom base. Then follow up each branch adding the parents, then grandparents and so on. Besides the full names, the dates of birth and death could be added. Even small frames photos of each ancestor, if available, could be hung on the proper branch. This way you have for family and friends visiting a wonderful display of what you have researched.

If you are good at art work, you can make the tree on art canvas adding any artistic touches. This canvas could be any size and then framed for hanging on the wall. If you are not that good at art, check with any friends who might do it for you. Also contact the art teacher at the local high school – now there are some willing student artists looking to have their skills demonstrated.

Another idea to show off some of your research is to include some of the special documents, letters, journals you have found. If you located a heart touching love letter of your grandfather, have it scanned and enlarged (make it big), then placed in a frame to be hung. Now that will get everyone’s attention.

Maybe you had quite a few relatives who served in the military at different times. Gather them together, make note of their military service dates and any conflicts they were in and make a time line. Their scanned photo in uniform is great placed on a time line. It could be placed on a large poster board, display board or canvas, ready to hang.

Don’t try to jam too many ancestors for display on one tree. It is best to do certain surnames or branches, which gives each special attention. Being complete in one lineage is much more impressive.

There are many companies that put photos and other objects in display cases or mounted in / or other objects. They can be made as blankets or coverlets, pillows, cross stitch display or as part of a mirror. For example some vintage photos of ancestors can be copied and them placed as coasters or embedded in layers for a drinking glass. You would have something unique then.

The possibilities are endless.

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