Cue the Story

cue-family-carSometimes it is hard to know where to start getting a relative to recall their life adventures. It doesn’t have to be climbing a mountain or running for political office, it can be everyday activities — especially those long forgotten. Here are a few cues to spark a recollection. These cues will work for you also, be sure to include any of your recollections.

Disciplining children: Recall what was bad behavior and what type of punishment was given. cue-may_22_1940_alamedamcaliffree_nursery

Party Phone Lines: What was a party phone line and how did it affect your using a phone. Also, what was like to have only ONE phone in the house?

Riding in the family car: What type of car was in the family when growing up? On any trips, what was done to keep the children quiet?

The Great Depression: If you lived or grew up during the 1930s and the Great Depression, how did it affect you? What did it mean to be given a nickel?

Family Dinner: What time was the family dinner? What was the family’s favorite dish or meal? What was Sunday dinner like?

cue-phone-booth-1935Phone Booth: What was it like to use a public phone booth?

Tragedy: Tell about the worst family or personal tragedy that happened.

Television: What was it like with only one television in the house? When did you get a color set?  cue-family-tv-1952

Relative: Who was your favorite relative in the family, one you always looked up to?

School: Name your favorite teacher or class and what made it the best.

Photos: Family car with children in 1956; Nursery classroom with the teacher in California on May 22, 1940; phone booth in 1935; and family television viewing in 1952.

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