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Social media is now the quickest method to gather information, share data and ask a question. Along with the online giant of social media being Facebook, one of the renown and long time Internet providers of links to great genealogical resources is Cyndi’s List. That site alone has 327,000 links to every possible family history resource available online. Using Cyndi’s Facebook page (a reference web site) can be just as useful and maybe even better.

Go to Cyndi’s Facebook page and ‘Like’ it. There are nearly 30,000 ‘Likes’ to the site (which are followers) so a very vast resource pool right there.

Announcements are made of the newest links and database along with events coming up. Many such events are online free webinars/programs given by genealogical societies – each providing a wealth of how-to and information. If you had a question about such an event or a listing for a database – anything discussed on Cyndi’s Facebook, you can ask right then and more than likely a reply will come within minutes or an hour. Just reading any comments placed by followers will even answer any questions before you post them.

Many of the posts include photos on various topics. What is even better, you can post your own photos or questions or comments. For example, you have an old photo that belonged to your grandmother, possibly in her home town. There is enough of the photo showing a street scene, a bank, a school — whatever that someone familiar with the location could identify it. You will get replies in a short time.

How about a relative in an old military uniform or the photo of that family heirloom uniform. You have no idea what time period, what type of regiment, etc. Post that image and there will be someone who will know or at least provide a resource.

Just like Facebook and their Genealogical Blogs bring information to those doing family history, Cyndi’s sites are excellent also.

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