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cyndi's listMaybe you have searched the numerous categories of genealogical resources listed on Cyndi’s List. But if you have not in the last six months, you are long overdue. The list of categories and topics keeps expanding and being updated. A link that was active 2 years ago could have been changed or even shut down. The addition of new links is the most important aspect of checking Cyndi’s List. About 1,500 new links are added each month.

As you scroll down the major categories, about 180 presently, just about anything, place, or event is listed. You will see with each the update date. Topics such as ‘writing your own family story’ to use of microfilm, each state and country, military, divorces, family myths, to deeds and homesteaders is included.

This Free web site, Cyndi’s List, keeps up on the best sources on the Internet for the numerous categories that work best for family history researchers. It is forever growing and has some

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