Cyndi's List in 2014

Cyndi's List Sometimes it is just great to locate a site that has every possible genealogical topic or category you could ever think of with links to online sites that provide the latest on that topic. This is what Cyndi’s List has been and still continues into 2014 providing to family history researchers.

For years, since 1997, she has gathered and organized all good working online links to resources for researchers. To date there are 205 categories, running from just about every nation in the world to passports, obituaries, prisons, vital records, scrapbooks, military, to the newest being ‘Timber & Lumber Industry’. There is hardly a topic you could think of that Cyndi Ingle has not already located and placed a link for you – all free. Roughly over 325,000 links to research information is available on Cyndi’s List.

Cyndi listShe keeps up-to-date, with information also on her Facebook page, where are placed the latest instructional seminaries, exciting finds by researchers and the newest web sites. This also applies to the Twitter page and Pinterest, which is divided into categories such as family charts, software tools and Lost & Found Old Photos.

Another site is Cyndi’s List Blog. Here Cyndi offers various ideas and thoughts on family history research. Here again topics are divided up for easier location. A blog could cover about finding certain ethnic groups, researching a family surname, or keeping up with technology.

Add your email address to her mailing list and you will receive each day the newest information, discoveries and databases available.

Whether you are a novice, have some experience or have done family research for decades, there are many new topics and links from which to learn, organized on Cyndi’s List.

Photo: Pinterest – Cyndi’s List

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