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bucks-bridgeThe Genealogical Society for Bucks County (BCGS) in Pennsylvania has gathered a massive collection of various records (births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, obituaries and cemetery burials) and created a searchable database. This county is in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania, close to Philadelphia, so it does have a long history, created by William Penn in 1682. Counties bordering Bucks includes Northampton, Lehigh, Montgomery and Philadelphia County.

Bucks co. mapIf you had any ancestors live anytime in Bucks or even the neighboring counties, you will want to check the database. Keep in mind a couple may have lived in Lehigh County but got married in Bucks County, so that marriage record would be in Bucks Co. The searchable surnames are close to 340,000. Use the search form as you scroll down the main page of the site. If you locate a listing of interest, click on the surname for details. The amount of information depends on the source, such as church records, county records or cemetery documents. Finding any birth records usually will also provide the parents’ names. Some sources such as marriage records might include the book and page the record is listed on. If you locate an ancestor, make a copy (a print or screen digital print) of the data or at least write down all the information including the sources.

The search form will also pick up given and surnames found in the contains of a record. An example would be the first name and surname for the father of a bride in a marriage record. A good deal of helpful information worth investigating. Bucks-1908-Groff

Photos: Bucks Co. Bridge with arches built in early 1800s; Bucks Co Map; 1908 Obituary for Groff; and 1948 marriage of Kinney and Schermann.  Bucks-1948-Schermann

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