Database 'Treasure Chest'

treasure-chest With the use of the Internet along with the interest in genealogy and many records made digital, the use of online databases is necessary. At in the ‘Reviews‘ section is a run down of 14 of great databases to select from, some with a fee and others free.

All are general and can be of help with most any researcher. To add to that list are these excellent databases:

Find A Grave – has basic information on a person’s burial site with dates that relate to the decease. It is not a total site that includes all people. Famous individuals are generality all listed, however ordinary citizens are placed on the site by someone – a relative, friend or a volunteer. So many individuals may not be in the listings when you look, but could show up months later.

Cyndi’s List – This is a wonderful site for just about any topic / category you could ever be interested in; from passports, ports of entry, biographies, reunions, female ancestors, heraldry, and languages, to name a few. Cyndi continues to bring the most up-to-date databases and resources that are available. Removed are any sites that are no longer working. A good category are individual nations in the world along with each state in the United States. There can be resources for Finland that are not available for Switzerland. So when you research the ancestral homelands, you do want to check these databases.

Rootsweb – An early resource database is Rootsweb, is now part of However, their selection of categories and resources remains what they have been noted for all along for years, plus free to use. One of the best aspect is the Rootsweb Message Board. Here you can search a hometown, a surname, an occupation, many topics. You can also put in your own request or question. There might be an answer in a few days or in some cases it might be years before an answer comes – but at least there was an answer out there. This site also has the Family Trees (World Connect) so you can submit you family tree and just maybe a person with family ties sees you tree and contacts you.

So there are many resources / databases out there and they are improving and becoming more complete every month. Truly a ‘treasure chest’ of new information is waiting to be uncovered by you.

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