Decal Surname on Wall

Decal-surnameSuch an idea!! Place on a family room wall, in the kitchen, a dining room, the hall way, above the entrance doorway or arch into the dining room – where ever in your house you would want a permanent family seal. In craft shops and online dealers have numerous vinyl decals, in various colors, shapes, fonts and sizes that can be easily arranged on a wall.

The key is to come up with an impressive design – keeping it simple but one that makes a statement.

It can be the head of household monogram¬†initials, a husband-wife initials or all family members initials. decal-lettersAnother is to have the family surname written out. Add to that when the family was established – either the original ancestor’s arrival in America or their birth date or the family in the house – their wedding year. You could have the family name and then an arch with the given names of family members.

decalYou don’t have to limit it to a wall inside the house, it could be in a backyard patio area, a fence, on the front of the house wall or even on a mailbox.

decal-picsAnother idea is to blend given family names with photos. Place a collection of photos framed on the wall and add either surname or given names by the photos.

If the family has a certain family tradition or occupation, that can be added – such as jeweler, politician (mayor), musician or soldier. Again – use your imagine and anything can be used and included. It will make a wonderful and proud statement to your family and friends.


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