Delaware Vital Records


1848-Low, amJust placed on are the birth-marriage and death records for those born, married or died anywhere in the state of Delaware. The records from the Delaware Public Archives covers from 1650-1974.

1898-Richardson, ATrue, that is quite a bit of records for many decades. Not every record, especially earliest years are available. Many of the earlier records come from church records, cemetery records and family Bibles. For marriages, there is a bride’s listing and then a groom’s listing dating back to the 1840s in Delaware. 1907 birth -KershawGenerally from the mid-1800s to 1974 will be the best assortment of official vital records.

There are over 3.1 million records on for Delaware to view. Place in the search box a surname or a full name, then scan over the selection. If there is a camera icon to the far right that a scanned image of the records is available and it can be saved to you computer by right clicking it.

1922-Groff, GeoThese records are free to search and copy. A reminder, even if your ancestors to the best of your knowledge did not live in Delaware, they could have lived in a bordering state, and gone to get married or go to the hospital in Delaware. Bordering states are Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. So it is worth checking if you can find any vital records on your ancestors.

Photos: 1848-Lore and Eccles marriage; 1898 death record of Albert Richardson, 1907 birth record of Lavina Irene Kershaw (includes her parents’ name, mother’s maiden name, family nationality and occupation of father.) and 1922 death record for George Groff.

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