Descendant's Day

Since 1997 this last Sunday in the month of June, named ‘Descendant’s Day, has been recognized to showcase descendants, which we all are to our ancestors. It began in the Tennessee House of Representatives on Sept. 11, 1996.

You can be a descendant of any ancestors – great grandaunt, 3rd cousin, gr gr grandfather, etc.

Remember, several well-known organizations are based on descendants. There are the ‘Sons of the American Revolution’ those male descendants of patriots during the American Revolutionary War. Then the Daughters of the American Revolution, same idea but for ladies who are direct lineage descendants of patriots from the American Revolutionary War.

It is not just wartime ancestors but there are also societies for those descended from those who were on the Mayflower ship in 1620. Also, those whose ancestors first settled Jamestown, the colony of Virginia. There are the descendants of the first pioneers to certain territories; such as ‘First Families of Ohio’, ‘General Society of the Cincinnati, ‘National Society Sons of Utah Pioneers’ or ‘Saint George’s Society of New York’ and many others – list of lineage societies.

You can check if your ancestors came from a certain hometown if that town has its own society or group for descendants of the early settlers of the town.

To mark descendant’s day in the future, plan or organization a family reunion for June – great timing.

Photos: Four generations of the Casper family in 1925; and lineage and dates and Mayflower Society logo.

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