Dick Eastman in Stuart

Eastman Two outstanding genealogists in the United States and internationally are Megan Smolenyak and Dick Eastman. I have worked with Megan since 1999 and have met her when she came to the Stuart, Fl area several years ago. Both Megan and Dick are fine authors, researchers and speakers.

Eastman has been doing genealogy for over 30 years and is always trying to assist others with the newest, easiest and most effective methods of family history research. He puts out an online genealogy newsletter offering ideas, suggestions and the latest information.

On Sat., March 15, he has been invited by the Martin County Genealogical Society in Stuart, FL (of which I’m a member) to speak on numerous topics throughout the day. I will be in attendance and it will be my first opportunity to met and hear Eastman speak at several of his presentations.

No matter how experienced a family history researcher you are, there is always some technique that is successful for one person that can be learned. That is my goal on Saturday.

Days following Eastman’s day long programs I will share some of those newest ideas and techniques.

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