Did You Do That?

It can happen to the best family history researcher, that there appears some major errors in the branches of the tree and in the information about individuals. So how does that happen?

The following are a few ideas which tend to lead to mistakes and should be avoided:

1. Typos, typing or writing out a date, name or place incorrectly. This is especially true of dates, so be very careful and double check each entry.

2. Be sure it is the right family lineage. You could find a record with something that somewhat resembles or it the exact same as your family’s surname and you then assume it is your family surname because you believe the name is unique. Prove if it is or is not part of your family first.

3. Never depend on one source, always locate at least two to three sources to back up any information, including births, marriages and deaths. You would think using the census for a birth, especially the 1900 US Census where the month and year was written would be great. Remember someone provided that info, could have been an elderly great aunt or even a family friend in the household and they could have have stated or known the wrong date.

4. Family heresay is not necessarily the truth. These family legends have many times proved wrong or filled with errors. Do write down the family stories and version of events, names and dates but then get the proof from several sources.

5. Copying or merging your family tree with someone else’s that is online is a poor idea. Do review the other person’s information, the names and dates but do not assume it is all correct or even it is the right branch.

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