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From the Internet Archive, they have put together a massive collection of classic and newer books covering all types of subjects, time periods, fiction and non-fiction. While you are at home, it is perfect to do some reading of those books you have had on your list. There are 1,429,200 books to select from and read on your desktop computer, laptop, I-Pad or Smart Phone. The books cover from 1926 to 2019.

The topics are varied, from history, science, mystery stories, England, murder, World War II, short stories, Indians of the Americas, biography, families, romance and detectives to name a few. Even the famous ‘Harlequin’ romance novels are available.

There are even family genealogical books. An example is the 1925 book on the Woodruff family of Farmington, Conn., covering ten generations. Location books like ‘Ireland Beautiful” by Wallace Nutting in 1925 is available. This book has 304 photos covering every county in Ireland.

All you need to do is set up an account, sign in and you can borrow that digital book for 14 days. A preview is offered for the first 5 pages.

Photos: 1984 Harlequin Novel ‘Blind Man’s Buff’; Woodruff Family and ‘Ireland Beautiful’.

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