Digital Genealogical Documents

Not everything is found in hard copy / print form now-a-days. Any online databases will have the record / document or photo in digital format. So what for sure should be done with such digital images?

First, you need to SAVE (download) that document to your computer / tablet or smartphone. Then rename the document when it is saved so it can be located easier. Include the ancestor’s name, the place and year and type of document. 

If it is JPEG format, then much of that info can be placed in its ‘properties’ section rather than just title. Do it when you save it, not later. Backup your files once a week or at least once a month to really preserve the collection of digital records. Use an exterior hard drive, a large flash drive or cloud-storage or better yet 2 or 3 of these methods. This way you don’t need to print all these records and photos and then find enough space to file the print copies.  

Place that renamed document in your file based on surnames or the ancestor’s name. When you have some time further review the document completely or examine a photo in detail, enter in a file on that ancestor the facts found. Label the information with the source you are using (Example: Census record for Frederick, MD year 1900). Some digital documents or records may take you quite a while to pull the data from where others will be simple. 

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