Digital Library of Georgia

Several states have done a fabulous job making many of their collections (photos, letters, documents, etc.) in a digital format. One outstanding example is the Digital Library of Georgia.

Gathering collections from libraries, museum, donations, etc their digital collections represent resources on Georgia history, culture, and life. However, there is not just Georgia information, but many other topics. Under the Subjects, click to find: Civil War, Franklin Roosevelt, slavery history and others. Yes, a huge amount of various categories relating to Georgia and regions and towns all over the state.

Use the Subject category to search or by a year or location. Also, there is the general search box at the top.  

An interesting collection is the Atlanta newspapers with search-able issues from 1857 to 1927 and Metro Atlanta to 1957. It would not be just news events in Atlanta or Georgia but across the nation. Just by plugging in a name or location, you never know what might appear. In the Atlanta newspaper On August 25, 1908, was about a wedding in Jacksonville, FL.

The postcard collection is also very interesting.  

Photos: 1930 Coca-Cola delivery truck; Stypmann – 1908 marriage; and 1871 postcard of Oglethorpe Ave, Savannah.

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