Digital Public Library of America


digital-stereoscopicThis online site, Digital Public Library of America, has a massive collection of many photos, letters, documents, maps, records, etc from across the United States – all in digital format.

Using the broad search page you see many topics / subjects in which to search. You can also use the search box in the upper right side to look for a specific name, town or event. If it is a full name in the search place quote marks at the beginning and end of the names. The sources are from all across the country, numerous libraries and institutions. The search topics are arranged based on the number in the collection not alphabetical.

Digital-group 1920sGo to each page – a total of 17 with many topics on each one. Thousands of digital images on all types of topics are available. Once you find one of interest, click on it to enlarge it. Scroll down any additional information will be written further down. You can save the image or document to your computer.  

digital-letter 1799

Photos: Stereoscopic image from Florida, a group of friends in the 1920s and a Letter from 1799 from Esther Cox to James Chestnut in South Carolina.

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