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digital-cwWith these very cold and snowy weeks coming in February, it will be an excellent time to get some of the scanning of the vintage family photos. Better yet, start creating on your computer a complete digital scrapbook — one that can later be shared easily with family members. When the traditional cut and paper scrapbook is put together, there is just one and is very hard to share unless copies are made. Making it digital is the answer!

There are countless decorative backgrounds in digital format available. Just use a Google search under the tab ‘Images’ and type in ‘wallpaper’ then the type of background you are interested in. It might sports such as baseball that you have family pictures of winning trophies to remember. Select military for medals won by your grandfather or for placing a photo of your father in his uniform. digital-WW oneNarrow the search by placing the time period or the war, such as World War One.

The list is endless. Select family scenes, family cars, hometowns, arrival as an immigrate, a farmer, or any interesting activities done by the family. digital-baseballOnce you have a number of family photos and memorable scanned you can place that image onto one of the larger wallpaper digital backgrounds. It will take some practice if you are not familiar, but with a decent software program for photos you can become quite good at it.

digital-balletRemember to include photos you can take of any special family heirlooms. There might a special coffee mug you have in the cabinet that your grandfather always used. That is perfect to photograph and place in this digital scrapbook.

Also a photo software program can allow you to place text of any style or size onto the background. This is very important so anyone seeing it, just like a a paper scrapbook, knows what is be shown.

digital statue_of_libertyOnce you start assembling some different digital papers, all saved to a special folder on your computer, you find you can become quite creative in the lay-out — just like anyone using the paper scrapbook techniques. Then it is fun and easy to share either as a digital file or it can be printed out.

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