Do a Short Life Story

As you have gathered the names, dates, locations of your ancestors you may have also come across some interesting tales about where they lived, their occupations, organizations they belonged to, etc. Take the time to focus on one or two such ancestors you have found more about beyond B-M-D.

Check newspapers from the hometown they lived in, that can be a wonderful source. By finding and writing just a couple of paragraphs about an individual, they become more life-like to you and other family members.

Another resource is to contact the hometown genealogical society and the historical society (museum) to see if they have any information. It could be a simple newspaper clipping that once investigated could lead you to even more information.

One clipping I found said that a young man in Salerno, Florida in the mid-1920s built his ‘Salerno Special’. True, not a great deal to go on, but having his name, Florida, 1920s and especially ‘Salerno Special’ I eventually came up with a great life story. This fellow was a dirt track racer, setting speed records for years. He built his own fast dirt track vehicle which he named ‘Salerno Special’, for where he lived. His life was cut short dying from a racing accident at a track in 1930. So you see, there are many stories out there.

Remember to do at least a short story about your own life.

Photos: Life stories.

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