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The online research site of ‘MyHeritage‘ is opening its database on Ireland for everyone to use FREE between March 17-22.

The site has many vital records to explore, with thousands of names. There is the 1901 and 1911 Irish censuses, marriages in Ireland between 1619-1898, Slater’s Directory of Ireland in 1894, 1881, 1870, 1846; Index of Burials 1900-2019; Passengers arriving in NY from Ireland 1846 to 1851, Irish Prisoners 1780 to 1867, and marriages in Dublin 1634-1858 – just to name a few of the databases. There is a wide range of locations, dates and types of vital records.

Start by selecting one of the free databases to the right. The place a surname, a location and / or time frame to begin a search.

Seeing some of the people and locations is very interesting. Especially the database of Irish Prisoners 1780 to 1867. Very interesting to see some of the crimes committed.

You will be able to do a screen print of the records or sign-up to download those you are interested in.

Don’t miss the dates of the free use of these databases available until March 22nd.

Photos: 1901 Census of Ireland – Briggs family; 1851 marriage record for John McCartney and Sarah Conolly; and Irish prisoner-Catherine lynch in 1851-stabbing and wounding with intent to harm – sentenced to ‘transportation for life’.

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