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computer-2Doing genealogy research can be time consuming. If you don’t happen to be a professional genealogist, then at least some of your day is taken up by your job. Another large portion of your day is going to be spent taking care of your children, eating meals with your family, and doing the general day to day cleaning and chores that everyone has to do, eventually. With all of these distractions going on, it can be difficult to find time to work on your favorite hobby: genealogy. One way to maximize your precious time is by taking advantage of the resources that can be found online. The information you are searching for can be found in the blink of an eye.

There are several different websites that are designed to help genealogists to find their ancestors. and are two great examples, but there are others to choose from. You can save a lot of time by doing an online search instead of traveling to a courthouse, church, or other physical location that houses the original documents you want to look at. Another advantage of doing your genealogy research online is that you can fit it around your schedule. Want to work in the middle of the night, on Christmas Eve? Go right ahead! It’s better than waiting around for a courthouse to open it’s doors, or re-arranging your schedule so you can visit on a day they are open. It also saves you the travel time that it would take to go to the actual courthouse where the records are kept, and to travel back home again.

You can find information about your ancestors gravestones online, without having to make a trip to the cemetery. Websites like FindAGrave, or the National Gravesite Locater are excellent resources. Need help understanding the meaning of the symbols on a gravestone, the meaning behind your surname, or an explanation of the disease an ancestor died from? It’s all online. Just google what you are looking for to get started. Take advantage of the wealth of resources that can be found online.

< Return To Blog Thank you! I have used family serach these past few days and now I have just learned what I missed. I will now go back and save those records if I find that little black box there. I subscribed to your newsletter too. So glad I found you, and I did starting at Who do you think you are! Never thought to check YT for genealogy all this time I have been struggling to learn Ancestry. Awesome post! Sharon
Dawid 2/11/10

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