Dublin, Ireland – Digital Collections

The University of Dublin in Ireland with the Trinity College Library has made available in digital format a good portion of their collections making them accessible on the Internet. The collections include paintings, maps, photos, documents, postcards, books, public broadsides (posters) and manuscripts all relating to Dublin, Ireland and with other nations. There are nearly 5,000 items so far on the site.

The search box allows you to place a date, name, location, historical events as the key words. Twelve images will appear for each section. At the top the total images available will be listed. For the keyword of ‘England’ there were 214 items.

For each image there is a brief summary below each and you can place the mouse over each to enlarge it a little. Click on any selected image to enlarge it to its fullest. A plus/minus will also zoom in on a page. Additional pages are on the left and you can click on each one to enlarge.

Also at the top you can click on a link for more information relating to that image.

The digital material will be good as a source about locations; towns, cities and especially relating to historical events. There are some references to certain family surnames, but not a great deal. Placing a keyword such as shoe produced 12 items and whiskey had 11 images. It will take some experimenting to see what is available.

Photo: Postcard as a political message between 1916-1917 – ‘Sword with the word ‘freedom’ on it killing ‘unjust taxation’. An Irish flag stands behind him.’

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