Dublin, Ireland Prisoner Records - 1905-1918

Irish-1916You might not want to find an ancestor in these sets of records, but if a relative lived in Dublin in the early 20th century and had a few ‘social’ run in with the law, you will find this source invaluable.

There were many social conflicts in Dublin during those years and many arrests made by the police. The records on this Dublin police database have approximately 30,000 individuals. In 1913 many workers were arrested during ‘lockout’ protests. When World War One broke out for the British Empire, including the Irish, there were many males arrested as deserters from the military.

Irish-Jan 1911The prisoners’ names and dates are divided into four books; numbers 1, 3, 4, and 5. Open by click on a specific book based on dates. To the right will be a thumbnail image of that book. Click on the book image. You can use the arrows to advance to the next set of double-page images. The pages do go in order of dates January of the first year of that book to the end of the year. You can enlarge the image for better viewing. You can also click on the image to save as a scan.

Irish-June 1905Things like larceny of an apron, or cabbage, or bacon, or loitering, forgery, or stole an apple are on the records. So you might be quite surprised at some of the crimes committed. Remember there are some ladies listed being arrested also.

Take some time and look over these Dublin arrest records from over a hundred years ago.

Photos: Police records for Jan. 1916; Police records for Jan. 1911; and June 1905.

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