Earrings of the 1950s

It was such a popular era of the 1950s, between the cars, clothing styles, shoes, as well as lady’s earrings. Yes, the vintage 1950s earrings are very collectible and many are worn today. You may have many earrings from the 1950s that your mother or grandmother wore.

The styles ranged from simple pearl earrings to a small cluster of rhinestones. They were the screw back or the clip-on type of earrings, having pierced ears wasn’t done yet. Also popular were the big and beautiful earrings, ones that really made a statement.

The bigger earrings were of hoops, flowers, clocks, hands, etc, all everyday items. Included were earrings shaped as music records for each ear. No matter the style, popular also in the 1950s was to have the earrings match the necklace worn.

The event spoke of the style expected. If it is a formal or a business event, single pearl stud earrings and a single or double-strand pearl necklace were a must. It was to make that sophisticated appearance.

Check photos and especially portraits of female relatives and look for the earrings they were wearing. Photos from parties might show very different earrings. Check with relatives, see if they still have 1950s earrings they kept or ones given them. I have my mother’s pearl earrings with a ring of small pearls around them and they are screw-back style. I wore them for my wedding in 1983.

Photo: 1950s cluster crystal earrings

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