Easter Traditions

Family Easter traditions have varied over the decades. For most people today remember when they were youngsters, there were Easter egg hunts to the Easter baskets to a new outfits to wear to church to the big family dinner as their family traditions.

A popular Easter item was the Chocolate Bunnies. The favorite thing for a kid was bite the ears off of a hollow chocolate bunny then and then fill it with milk. You’d eat and slurp together in a messy, but fun ritual.

A traditonal Easter dinner included a nice big baked ham and plenty of potato salad. Usually, there was enough left over for another meal served with ham and potato salad.

Another special Easter treat is the tasty jelly beans. A special Easter food was deviled eggs, not that they are not eaten other times of the year. Going hand-in-hand with eggs are the hard-boiled eggs, each dyed to be made colorful. In an Easter egg hunt, looking in the family yard for those eggs was a special treat, to see how many colorful eggs could be collected and placed in one’s Easter basket.

Fresh flowers for the house were always nice to have at Easter, especially daisies, lilies and daffodils.

Photo: Easter basket.

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