Eastman's Tidbits - PT 2

Indian trails

Dick Eastman’s recent presentation in Stuart, FL offered several interesting tidbits of information. He covered about the use of MyHeritage.com. This resources with many databases is very helpful if you have ancestors from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, and other Eastern European nations. Other places are also covered, but it does have quite a bit on the above locations. They do have a free trial period, so you can see if it would benefit your research.


MyHeritage.com also has thousands and thousands of newspapers, which are always super to use and all are searchable by key words, surnames, hometowns, etc. Besides the newspapers are also school yearbook, another often overlooked research.

Eastman covered by search engines. Most people think just of Google, but there is Bing and Yahoo, all great for searching any topic. Of course Google is the largest with 25 billion pages and 10 billion images, then there is Yahoo with 12 billion pages and Bing with 9 billion pages. However, for doing genealogical research he recommended Mocavo search engine, designed for family history research.

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Any researcher does need to investigate every source out there, but Eastman stated see what is listed on Mocavo search engine, that is the first place he checks. It has 120,537 databases all geared to family research, with 1 million websites. You can upload any digital images (from documents, photos, records, yearbooks, etc) you find for free. Mocavo will work on the iPhone and Androids devices.

They are also known for keeping the most up-to-date information from the Social Security Death Index. The newest item is their ‘Free Forever’ which is a large collection of databases that anyone can search and use anytime, from now on. Roughly 1,000 new ones go online everyday. Scanned copies of brochures, books, directories, photos, etc that you are just not going to find everywhere.  You can upload these images also.

Eastman Presentations.  Hints and Suggestions Part 1

Photos: 1833 Indian Trails booklet and 150th Anniversary of the Organization of the Salem Congregation of the Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, N.C.

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