Eclectic and Creative Family Tree Art

3D printed bustLooking for a really unique and creative gift that shows off your family tree? Would you like to have your family members represented in a 3D format? Does the idea of hanging the whole family on the wall sound appealing? Here are a few ideas for some very creative family tree art that you probably have not explored.

3D Printed Bust

You may have seen a marble bust in an art museum, or a bronze bust honoring a person who was important to local history. There is a modern version of the classic bust that is easily accessible today! 3D printers are starting to become affordable enough to be a household item. They can be used to print out a 3D image, made of plastic, of pretty much anything (in vivid colors). This includes plastic 3D busts of your family members!

Make has a brief description of how the Autodesk 123D printer can take a photograph and turn it into a 3D printed bust of the person who was in the photo. Another suggestion, for those who are less tech-savvy, is to contact a local company that uses 3D printers and ask if they will print out a bust for you.

Circular Family Tree Art

There is a company called i (Chart) You that can turn your family tree into a lovely, circular, piece of artwork. A genealogist can start by visiting their website and selecting the color pallet that you consider to be the most aesthetically pleasing. Select the one you like best, and pay the $25.00 that it costs to have a chart created.

After you do that, you will receive a conformation email with a link that will take you to their genealogy form. That is where you will enter in the names of your family members. Later, you will receive a ready-to-print file that you can print out yourself. They suggest you take the file to have it printed by a professional. Their website has some helpful hints for those who want to use the Costco Print Center to print out their circular family tree art.

Map Your Family

Looking for a quirky way to represent your family tree? Grab some old maps. Print out the Paper Doll Template from the Martha Stewart website. You will need one paper doll for each member of your family. Instead of making a traditional paper doll, you should trace the template onto a map.

Select a map that shows where an individual relative was born. Or, choose a map that shows where that relative lived the majority of his or her life. Write each person’s name on the paper doll/map that represents them. Hang a line of paper dolls across your wall. You could have the paper dolls for each family hold hands.

Image by Mirko Tobias Schaefer on Flickr.

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