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iPhone outsideWe’ve all run into situations where we are away from our computers and suddenly find a need to access them. Genealogists who do the majority of their research from their home computers can run into this difficulty while working outside of their homes. MyHeritage has a mobile app that enables genealogists to take their family tree on the go.

The MyHeritage mobile app is intended for genealogists who use MyHeritage. Version 2 of the app is now available. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android. Each version of the app is absolutely free to download.

If you are not currently a member of MyHeritage, but want to check out this app, you can! You can set up a free account at MyHeritage and create your family site within it. The app will sync with your MyHeritage family site. Use the app to make an update to your family tree, and those changes will automatically appear on your MyHeritage family site.

This app, like some of the other genealogy apps that sync with a specific genealogy website, gives genealogists the freedom to edit their family trees while on-the-go. The app lets you view your family tree and edit it. The app also enables you to do a lot of other useful things.

Use the app to take photos of your family members – and add those photos to your family tree. Or, if you want to, you can use the app for “simple photo sharing”. You can edit profiles, events and relationships through the app. It also allows genealogists to search through the billions of records that are on MyHeritage. You can go on vacation and continue to do some genealogy research by using the app on your phone or iPad.

There are some who can take one look at an app that they are completely unfamiliar with and instantly understand how it works. If that does not describe you, don’t worry! MyHeritage has put together a webinar that can teach you more about their app.

That webinar is now in video format, and available to view either through the MyHeritage website or YouTube. It is a little over 30 minutes in length. The best thing about a webinar that is on video is that it gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace. You can stop it, and go back a bit, if you get confused, and you can do that as often as you need to.

Image by Gonzalo Baeza H on Flickr.

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