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Your ancestor’s education records can reveal many important pieces of information. Findmypast points out that education records give you a glimpse into an ancestor’s early life. School records can also contain parent’s names, parent’s occupations, and the birth date of your ancestor. Here is a quick look at the education records in FindmyPast’s collections.

A logbook is a day-to-day (or weekly) listing written by a teacher that contains a variety of classroom-related details. A logbook could include lesson plans, guests who visited the classroom, details about students that misbehaved, and reasons for absences.

Register Books
A register book could have admission records in it. It may also contain attendance records. The admission records is a resource that may hold the full name of your ancestor, his or her birth date, the names of his or her parents, the parent’s occupation, and the address of the family. Some register books noted when a student stopped attending school the reason why that happened.

Findmypast has some school record collections. The collections include school registers, apprenticeships and occupations. A few of those collections are:

* Manchester Apprentices 1700-1849
* Dorset Parish Apprentices 1605-1799
* Somerset Parish Apprentices 1575-1800
* Lincolnshire Parish Apprentice Indentures 1618-1925
* Glamorgan Schools Admission Registers
* Manchester Industrial School Registers 1866-1912
* National School Registers 1870-1914

The school you are seeking records from could be on the Findmypast’s Participating Archives list. That list includes:

* Anglesey Archives
* Barrow-in-Furness Record Office, Cumbria
* Bedfordshire & Luton Archive Services
* Bolton Archives
* Caernarfon Record Office
* Cambridgeshire Archives
* Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies
* Ceredigion Archives
* Conwy Archive Service
* Cumbia Archive and Local Studies Centre, Whitehaven
* Denbighshire Archives
* Devon Heritage Services, Exeter
* Durham County Record Office
* Flintshire Record Office
* Glamorganshire Archives
* Gwent Archives
* Hackney Archives
* Hampshire Archives
* Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
* Huntingdonshire Archives
* Isle of Wight County Record Office
* James Allen’s Girls’ School
* Kendal, Cumbria
* Kingston Borough Archives
* Lambeth Archives, Minet Library
* Lancashire Archives
* Lincolnshire Archives
* Liverpool Maritime Museum
* Maynard School, Exeter
* Medway Archives
* Merton Heritage & Local Studies Centre
* North Devon Record Office, Barnstaple
* North London Collegiate School
* Northamptonshire Record Office
* Oldham Local Studies & Archives
* Pembrokeshire Archives
* Plymouth and West Devon Record Office
* Southampton Archives
* Stockport Archive Service
* Suffolk Record Office, Bury St. Edmunds
* Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich
* Surrey History Centre
* Sutton Archives
* Tameside Local Studies & Archives Centre
* The Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland
* Tower Hamlets Local History Archives & Library
* Trafford Local Studies Centre
* Wandsworth Heritage Service, Battersea
* West Glamorgan Archive Service, Swansea
* West Sussex Record Office
* Westminster City Archives
* Wigan Archives & Local Studies
* Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre
* Wirral Archives Service
* Wrexham Archives

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