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Elphind.com is a website that has one goal: to make it possible for people to search all the world’s online historic newspapers from one place. They haven’t completed their goal yet, and are continuing to work on it. Here is a quick look at the Elphind Updates from January of 2017, and a glimpse of what is coming to Elphind later this year.

Elphind.com makes it possible for family historians, genealogists, and researchers to search historic digitized newspaper archives from around the globe. When you click on the Elphind.com search result that interests you, you’ll go directly to the newspaper site that hosts that story.

In January of 2017, Elphind updated the Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections (IDNC)

The Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections (IDNC) was updated on Elphind. The update was completed on January 31, 2017. What you can find there now extends Elphind’s coverage from 98,787 issues to 131,525.

Since 2005, the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library at the University of Illinois has been developing unique digital newspaper content. The works in the IDNC include digital facsimiles of newspapers and trade journals in a variety of fields.

Elphind set itself a goal of completing an update to the Hoosier State Chronicles – Indiana State Library collection of newspapers in February of 2017. It is currently listed as “in progress”.

Here is a list of other updates that Elphind wants to complete in 2017:

* Virginia Chronicle – Library of Virginia – March 2017

* The Collegian – University of Richmond – March 2017

* Nalis (Trinidad and Tobago) – April 2017

* CMU History – Central Michigan University – April 2017

* Digital Michigan Newspaper – Central Michigan University – June 2017

* Papakilo Hawaiian Newspapers Collection – June 2017

* Purdue University Library – November 2017

* Hudson River Valley Heritage Newspapers – November 2017

* Stanford Daily – Stanford University – December 2017

* The Vassar College Digital Newspaper Archives – December 2017

In addition, Elphind is still in the process of updating the California Digital Newspaper Collection. Their original goal was to have it completed in November of 2016. They did not meet that goal, but they are working on it. Elphind has harvested 67% of that collection of newspapers.

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