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The second week of June is recognized as “National Email Week”. On average, about 250 – 300 BILLION emails a day are sent worldwide. How better to let your family and friends know about the week, but by sending an email.

More important, you should use that week to send out short tidbits of family history to your relatives and close family friends. As you have gathered information or stories, you will find interesting and unusual items that should be shared.  

Here are a few examples: You found that within one family branch most all the births occurred in the same month (in different years). It kind of shows a ‘pattern of behavior’ in that family.

Another mini family event would be the big family vacation planned for right after school let out, only it was delayed because several of the children in the family suddenly came down with the measles.

You might have found out that a distant ancestor only served one week in the U.S. Army during the American Civil War of the 1860s, not because the war was over but rather, they didn’t need any more soldiers. Now that does sound strange.

There might be the short newspaper article you located on an ancestor from the 1890s who saved a young child who had stepped onto the train tracks at the town’s depot just as the train was pulling into the station.

Checking those newspaper articles could turn up about a wife of a Union officer in a small town during the Civil War who on hearing that the Rebel Army was about to enter the town, personally gathered up all rifles and guns of the town folk. She hid them in one of the dry town wells and after the Confederate Army left in a few days, recollected the weapons and had them turned over to nearby Union soldiers.

You might have put together a listing of ancestors’ names over the generations where the same given names were used over and over again.

Just some short and interesting tidbits you do what to share with relatives and friends and what better method than a quick email to them during National Email Week. If you miss this week, do it the third week of June. Or an idea, select one day in each month and email everyone with your latest family item you are sharing. You will have their attention as to what was next discovered.

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