Eneclann Offers Irish Genealogy and Research Services

Need some help finding information about your Irish ancestors? Eneclann might be able to assist you. They offer Irish genealogy and history research services to individual and corporate clients in Ireland and worldwide.

Eneclann was founded in 1998 by Brian Donovan and Fiona Fitzsimons. Both of them were graduates of Trinity College Dublin. Eneclann’s core research team has been in place since 1998 and have completed over 15,000 individual assignments. All of their genealogists are members of APG (The Association of Professional Genealogist.) Fiona Fitzsimmons sits on the Board of Directors of APG.

Enclann offers a wide range of Irish history and heritage services:
* Irish Family History Reserach
* Irish Heritage and History Consultancy
* Archive and Records Management
* Digitization
* Digital Publications

Their experts are able to provide the skills and supports to help you achieve your goals. They have a deep knowledge of original sources and archives, and can deliver results when no one else can.

Enclann’s Archives and Records Management team provides professional archive services as well as record and information management. The Records Management experts can work with you to answer questions about what records Eneclann holds, where the records are held, how long they should be held for, and more. Their Archival Services relate to records that need to be preserved for historical and research services.

Enclann also has a Digitization Team that converts information from a paper format into a digital or electronic image. Eneclann’s experts have digitized Irish historical records dating back as far as 14th century manuscripts for a wide range of clients. They also run digitization training courses and publish historical records online and in CD-Rom format.

You can join Eneclann’s Irish Family History Centre for free. It contains 1000s of resources from Irish history that will help you with your family history research. You can store and share all your own work and ask their experts for guidance along the way.

The free membership includes:
* Limited Access to Research Library
* Limited Access to Expert Webinars
* Unlimited Access to Podcasts
* Community Access
* Store & Share your Research

There is a Monthly Subscription Membership that offers unlimited Access to the research library, expert webinars, and podcasts. It allows you to store and share your research. In addition, it gives you Community Access and the ability to ask the Experts one question. The Annual Membership offers all of that, and lets you ask the Experts 5 questions.

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