England in 'Color'

1928-ladies-wagonWith digital photography we can forget having color photos was a rarity decades ago. This site, Mashable, offers up a variety of color photos of people and locations in England in 1928. It is fascinating to see the vehicles, businesses and especially the fashion of England in the ‘Roaring Twenties’, especially in color.

As you scroll down the site there are many photos, with descriptions of what is happening just below each. Each is a large photo, so details and signs are easy to read. Places include counties of Kent, Oxford, Warwickshire, Cornwall, Sussex, Cumbria and Hampshire.

There are photos of very typical English things like the phone booth and mail box that are a faded memory to people there today.  1928-phone-mail

The collection was done in 1928 by Clifton R. Adams, who photographed for National Geographic Magazine. The variety of 20 some photos shown exhibit the urban and countryside of England. He used the autochrome process for these color photos. His photo career took him to many other locations. He died in 1934 at age 44.

So step back in time to view these images on Mashable. They are especially interesting if you had ancestors from England during the 1920s.

Photos: Two women purchasing Kelly’s ice cream from a vendor vehicle in Cornwall. That ice cream company is still in operation. Then the classic English red phone booth and mailbox.

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