English Victorian Criminals

Criminal-1879-gazAvailable now on Ancestry.UK is the UK Police Gazette with articles about British wanted criminals, crimes committed, criminals who had been apprehended, and missing persons. The dates range from 1807 to 1902 and 1921 to 1927 (but not every year in that range is available). Criminal-1871The Ancestry – UK version is a fee based subscription. If you have this database this is quite a fascinating journey to read on some of the 19th century English criminals. Many of the listings have a full description of the person. Criminal-1879-robberies

Not just criminals but the names of constables / policemen are covered in these lists and write-ups. Also the victims’ names and addresses are listed. This includes missing individuals. Such information might clear up some long-term family mysteries or legends. crim-HK-missing-Feb 1878

Use the search box to do a search of ancestral surnames and try to pinpoint it to a specific English county.  Ancestry UK – Police Gazette

Photos: 1879 Police Gazette Banner; 1871 listing of criminals just released from prison including men and women; Sept. 22, 1879 listing of recent robberies in Lancashire County and Missing Henry David Kershaw in Feb. 1878 (married, with children) but must have been located—later death records showed he died April 1885 in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire Co, England.

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