Ethnic Societies

You have worked for awhile on your family tree and started to get a better understanding of your family background. Since most of us have ancestors who were immigrants to America within the last 200 years, there can be quite an awakening to our ethnic heritage. Some people could have been under the impression their family name and lineage was that of Italian or Spanish and it turned out to be Portuguese.

Once you have narrowed down the ethnic heritage of a family branch many people develop a real close connection, a kindred spirit to that cultural group. You want to learn as much as possible of the family homeland, the time period your family lived in the region and what were the traditions, foods and culture really like. Beside actually traveling to the ancestral homeland, the next best places are the ethnic-based genealogical societies or even the ethnic societies that just stress the cultural aspect. Either way there is a great deal to learn from others who share that common cultural bond.

The ethnic-based genealogical societies could offered previously unknown resources to help solve your most perplexing search of an ancestor. Using the world of Internet technology you can be in contact with fellow members to a certain society and share a wealth of information. There might even be located a cousin or two.

Another big advantage to the ethnic societies is their goal to help keep alive the rich traditions of songs, dance, dress, foods, customs,etc., associated with that specific ethnic group. They sponsor festivals in communities, produce newsletters and books, offer conventions so those with a similar background can come together and learn from each other to keep the heritage alive.

Even what might be considered the lesser known cultural groups across the globe, there can many times be an ethnic society already in existence. The online site, Cyndi’s List has a nice collection of various ethnic societies and how to contact them. Whether it be Welsh, Hungarian, Jewish, Greek, Slovak, Japanese, East Indian, etc., there is usually a society available. Check also by doing a Google search. Put in the name such as ‘Moroccan Society’ and there will appear some ten different societies in different locations for Moroccan.

Additional ways of communicating with several of the societies is through Facebook, Twitter and their own blogs. A good example is the 10/10/12

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