European Blondes

Blond Europe You might not of thought as certain appearances being primarily from a specific region. Just looking at those with natural blond hair, it appears at least 80% of the population of the nations of Norway, Finland and Sweden are fair-haired – blonds. That Scandinavian region has the great portion compared to any other region. If you have found at many ancestors were blonds, right there could be a clue to the native homeland.

However, there are yet other specific regions, for example that of the area around the Baltic Sea, mostly Denmark, the Polish coast and those places that border the Baltic Sea (Baltic states). High numbers of population in the north-western portion of Russia (near the Baltic Sea) have blond hair. Then looking at Iceland, an island settled by mainly Norwegian colonists, so today Icelanders still share the same degree of blondness with the largest part of Norway.

Look at Great Britain and its history. Along the northern regions there are some 50% to 70% of the population that are blonds, again to the waves of Norsemen from the Scandinavian region who came to those far north regions of Great Britain. Also along the southern edge of England is the Danelaw area, which was ruled and settled by the Danish in the early Middle Ages.

Going onto the rest of the continent of Europe, look at north-west corner of Spain. In its history many of Celtic heritage settled in the Galicia region of Spain. You might be surprised at the fact that many blonds are in north-eastern Italy. Yet there is a large Germanic, Celtic and/or Slavic component of the local population. The Norsemen who conquered England also took the south-eastern portion of Italy, especially the very lower section of Italy, during the 11th century resulting in many blonds there.

Note on the map, the darkest illustration in portions of Europe has only about 1% to 19% of a blond or fair-haired population.

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